Trash Mobs
  1. If you are fighting with 3 or more targets so chose one target and start with Mangle(45 energy) to keep up Savage Roar(25 energy), this moment we will only have 30 energy, so we have to use Tiger’s Fury to refill the energy bar, then use swipe and you will make a large amount of damage. If aren’t you worried with armor repair then use this sequence:
Mangle – Savage Roar – Tiger’s Fury – Berserk – Swipe (5x)
If aren’t you dead, certainly you are the first on DPS list.    

Boss or Single Target
  1. With 2 targets just pick one and then proceed with single DPS, start with Mangle to earn the 30% bleed effect damage debuff, then use Faerie Fire(Feral)  to decrease the armor of target by 5% over 5 min. after that it’s the time of Savage Roar, you should ALWAYS keep up this ability, because u will inflict 30%(+3% from Glyph of Savage Roar) more damage, I repeat always keep up Savage Roar. Rake is also very important because it will create a debuff that will take damage over 10 sec. Shred is the main attack of our DPS in raid, you should use this ability until u have 5 Combo Points then Tiger’s Fury and then Rip.

Sequence: MangleFaerie FireSavage RoarRakeShred x4Tiger’s FuryRipRakeShred x2Savage RoarRakeShred x4 – (If all up) Ferocious Bite   

Always keep up:
                                       Savage Roar
                                       Faerie Fire


·         If you have 5 Combo points and there’s 10 seconds or more left on both Rip and Savage Roar then you can spend Combo Points in Ferocious Bite
·         Don’t let go down Savage Roar and Rip
·         Use Berserk always you can or save it to take advantage in trash mobs to do more damage.
·         If your Tiger’s Fury is in cooldown and your energy bar is down, try Nature's Grasp which can proc Omen of Clarity.